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The Post-Pandemic Landscape

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Each of us have felt the effects of post-pandemic inflation and supply chain issues that have changed the way we purchase. Unfortunately, the Interior Design industry has not been spared from this. Although we are seeing things (slowly) regulate, here are a few things our clients should be aware of before their project with GREY PEARL Design begins.

What’s changed?

The post-pandemic inflation has caused the costs of labor and materials to rise anywhere from 10% to 50%. Due to these increases, quotes and pricing for projects prior to the pandemic cannot be compared to current projects.

Supply chain issues have also plagued the industry. It has become significantly more difficult to source materials and FF+E (furniture, fixtures + equipment). Lead times on these items have increased by weeks or months due to widespread shortages, forcing our customers to wait much longer for their project to be completed or having to switch out products.

What can you expect?

You can still expect the same beautiful and functional work that a designer can provide. However, the changes have resulted in higher costs and longer timelines. During the programming stage of our design process, budget and timeline will be discussed and together we can decide on a realistic plan for your project. We ask that our clients be prepared for these increases in price and timeline.

We can help!

As stressful as building projects can be, rest assured we will do everything in our control to work within your budget and complete your project as efficiently as possible. When working with a designer, the hard work of sourcing, negotiating, scheduling and problem-solving is left to us, which means you aren’t faced with having to navigate these challenges on your own.

Have a project on the horizon? Get in touch as soon as possible to ensure we can properly plan for your project!

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