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More than just a pretty space

Amber Bauman, Grey Pearl Interior Design specializes in creating

smart, attractive and functional spaces.

When it comes to creating the look, feel and flow of a room, interior designers dive deeper. Interior design itself is both an art and a science – it is a systematic process that uses the understanding of human behaviour to create functional spaces.

“A building’s interior should always be planned by a qualified interior designer. We understand building materials, code compliance and construction,” explains Amber Bauman, Grey Pearl Interior Design. “Through programming, space planning and design development, we explore a client’s goals, specify their needs and present solutions that ensure the desires of the client and the requirements for the project are met.”

Bauman studied interior design at the Art Institute of Vancouver. After graduating with honours in 2008, she practiced in Winnipeg for 10 years before starting her own business.

“After I started my family, it felt like the right time to finally take the leap into sole proprietorship,” Bauman says. “As soon as I made that decision, things just fell into place. When I first started Grey Pearl Interior Design, I had the unexpected opportunity to work with amazing clients which opened doors to other projects I’m really passionate about.”

Bauman is also certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). The NCIDQ is a certification that demonstrates a practicing interior designer has the experience, skill and ability to satisfy a client’s needs and resources.

“The NCIDQ certification sets one interior designer apart from another,” Bauman explains. “It’s a very challenging exam that focuses on health and safety, building code, accessibility, design fundamentals and professional practice.”

Bauman’s portfolio is well rounded. From residential homes to clinics and offices, she has built a solid reputation from a diverse group of satisfied clients. To date, Grey Pearl Interior Design has planned and designed spaces for doctors, hair stylists, lawyers and optometrists.

“I really enjoy the technical challenge of office spaces and clinics,” Bauman says. “While I will make an effort to fit in smaller residential projects here and there, my preference is to focus on custom homes or full renovations.”

Working with an interior designer requires collaboration and communication between the designer and client. Bauman acknowledges that choosing an interior designer is a very personal choice. She encourages prospective clients to do their homework and know who they’re hiring.

“Interior design is backed by study and is a profession where ethics and integrity are an everyday practice,” Bauman says. “It’s important to check someone’s credentials and make sure they have the knowledge and skillset for the job.”

With construction season well underway and more people finding the time to renovate, Grey Pearl Interior Design is hard at work overseeing multiple projects.

“I have a lot on the go but I am looking to book new projects later in the year,” Bauman says. “If you have a project coming up that calls for the expertise of an interior designer, I’m happy to connect and discuss the possibilities for any space.”

Reposted from Mint Magazine

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