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Credentials Matter: Completing Your Project Right, The First Time.

Have you ever heard the expression: Measure twice, cut once?

While that phrase makes literal sense for carpenters, the idea behind it is: you should always double-check for accuracy before wasting time, materials, and money.

As one of the sixty-four people in Manitoba who has earned the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), I believe this phrase strongly applies to those looking to start a residential, corporate or clinical building/design project.

Here's why:

Imagine, you’re an overwhelmed business owner who’s ready to expand operations and begin the building process on a new office space. You have a tight deadline; you’ve hired a contractor and your brother-in-law’s cousin you met once at a golf tournament knows a designer. You give them a call and they present you with a gorgeous PDF document that showcases inspirational photos of what the new office space could look like, plus they are willing to give you a deal on their fee.

Now flash forward a few weeks… Your project is at a standstill. The contractor you’ve hired can’t move forward because the interior designer you hired hasn’t provided them with proper drawings or product specifications.

After doing a bit more research you discover the designer you hired doesn’t have any ID education or credentials, and this project is way over their head; you are outraged.

Here you thought you were getting a deal and now you need to spend additional time and money to find another interior designer who's qualified for the project.

So, you get to searching and you find me – Amber Bauman at Grey Pearl:

An interior design graduate, from The Art Institute of Vancouver, who has over thirteen years of experience in the industry and (as mentioned earlier) is one of sixty-four people in Manitoba that holds an NCIDQ designation. I have mastered the seven core competencies of design: building systems, codes, construction standards, contract administration, design application, professional practice, and project coordination.

You call me.

You explain what’s happened.

I reassure you that I can take over and get the project done.

We meet on site to develop a strategy to move forward, I get up to speed on the project, and then get to work. I develop a functional layout that works for you and your team as well as propose products and finishes for your space. Once approved, I create the contract documents required which clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the designer and the contractor so that everyone is on the same page. I work alongside the contractor during the construction phase to ensure the design intent is achieved. I am available every step of the way to provide answers and solutions, and provide you peace of mind.

In a perfect world...

You’d be reading this post before you start on your next project to avoid the headache of working with someone who isn’t qualified. Whether your next project is residential, corporate or clinical, I am here to make your life easier. Through my extensive years of experience, I have learned the skills to discover, analyze, solve, draft, and document every project, from concept to completion. I’ve worked in every sector from residential to corporate, to hospitality, to clinical, while ensuring that my designs adhere to code and regulatory requirements.

Here are the four main reasons you’re going to want to work with Grey Pearl:

Risk management – guaranteed expertise in understanding and applying current codes in accordance with public health, safety, and welfare.

Promotional Value – it will reflect your high professional standards and confidence in your business.

Improved Productivity – peace of mind knowing that skilled and motivated designers get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Happier Employees – when you invest in the environment your employees work in, it makes them feel valued and productivity increases.

"Working with us today is an

investment in your future."

Our purpose is to elevate what's possible in homes and workspaces through intentional, unique and functional interior design.

We provide expertise and knowledge to all projects, big and small, while educating people on the importance of working with professionals. In today’s market, anyone with a curated Instagram feed can appear as though they work in the interior design industry, however, if they don’t have the proper education or qualifications, they are misrepresenting the industry and end up costing individuals and businesses a lot more time and money.

So just as the carpenter measures twice and cuts once, I urge you to research and vet the people you are considering doing business with so that your project gets done right, the first time!

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